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Aluminum Driveshaft, 82-02 Camaro




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  The stock steel driveshaft in the 82-02 Camaro and Firebird is 2.5 in diameter and has a critical speed of around 7000rpm.  No worries there, as you will probably never reach those speeds, but at half the critical speed the natural frequency of the shaft creates a harmonic vibration that starts to occur between 70 and 90 mph depending on your rear end gear ratio and get worse the faster you go.  This 3.5 diameter aluminum driveshafts natural frequency moves this harmonic to 135mph and to further hamper the effects, it has built-in noise and vibration dampening for smoother running up to 200mph.  The larger diameter creates a stiffer shaft and even is six pounds lighter than the stock steel shaft. Comes with U-joints and yoke.

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