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Air Filter System




Collections: Filters, Intake, Intake

Product type: Filters

Vendor: TPIS

Tags: Filters, Intake



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Originally designed and engineered by TPiS and the Donaldson Co. for the 01-04 C5 Corvette, the Blackwing is the best air filter system you can buy for your 01-04 Corvette. Utilizing a 100% synthetic filter media, the Blackwing will offer excellent filtering characteristics wether it is new or has 100,000 miles on it. During development, we tested a very dirty Blackwing against a major aftermarket brand's new out-of-the-box filter and the Blackwing still filtered like new and almost doubled the flow of the competitor,s new filter. By replacing the entire factory air filter assembly, the Blackwing offers a real power increase you can feel. A "real world" 10-15 RWHP increase can be expected. Installation takes about 10 minutes.

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