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CTS-V Cadillac Headers




Collections: Exhaust, Headers

Product type: Headers

Vendor: TPIS

Tags: Exhaust, Headers



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We now have our wonderful CTS-V headers in stainless steel! Many have wanted them and now they are available. These are the finest header you can buy for your CTS-V. Installation is very easy and can be accomplished in under 2 hours with no welding required. Primary tubes are 1-3/4" diameter and the collector outlet is 3". Collectors are "merge" style to maximize scavenging and produce more power everywhere in the rpm range. These headers are constructed of U.S.A. made 304 stainless steel tubing and hand built to ensure excellent quality standards. A gain of 26hp and 29ft/lbs. on the 6.0L and 23hp and 20ft/lbs on a 5.7L are typical on a stock car. Headers come complete with Maximum-Flow metal substrate catalytic converters, gaskets, band clamps, oxygen sensor extensions, and installation instructions. Your factory exhaust needs to be trimmed approximately 5" in front of the resonator and slid into the catalytic converters for a very easy installation you can do yourself.

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