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Oil Cooler Kit, 84-96 Corvette




Collections: Cooling, Oil

Product type: Cooling

Vendor: TPIS

Tags: Cooling, Oil



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  With more power comes more heat. This heat thins the oil and leads to thermo break-down.  Keeping the oil cooler prevents premature wear and also keeps the engine temperature lower for even more hp.  Every engine destine for the track should have an external oil cooler. This kit lowers the oil temperature an average of 35deg F for better overall efficiency.  Comes complete with oil filter adapter, Earls 19 row radiator, stainless steel braided -10 hose and anodized fittings, fire sleeve, and radiator bracket.  Kit is for 84-91 TPI Corvette and also fits 92-96 LT1 Corvette with headers in place of the bulky cats.

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