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Warthog Truck Package, 99-02




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  Unleash a torrent of power from your 5.3L/6.0L GM truck or SUV without pulling the motor. With this package and a weekend in your garage, your truck can crank out as much as 475hp and 460ft/lbs (on 6.0L) of torque. The Warthog package is the single biggest improvement one can do for their truck's performance at a great price. Have more fun off-roading, produce more torque for the hard work on the ranch, and pull your boat or trailer with greater ease down the highway with a Warthog under the hood. All of this without sacrificing gas mileage and even gain a mile or two in some cases. The Warthog package includes our new 80mm cable operated truck throttle body, coolant bypass tube, our ZL9 camshaft, beehive valve springs, a spring compressor tool, an AirAid cold air intake and filter, American Racing Stainless Steel Headers with high flow cats, and custom programming. Please specify the year, model and engine size of your vehicle in the comments box at checkout. A performance rear exhaust system must be used to obtain the advertised results.
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