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224/224 Dur. Hyd. Flat Tappet Cam 1955-86 SBC (EST. SHIP TIME 2-3 Weeks)




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Essentially this is our flat tappet version of our ZZ409 cam.  Specs are 224/224 Dur. @ .050  .475/.475 Lift & 110 LSA. Don't be afraid of the 110 LSA. Many say you can;t run a 110 LSA cam with EFI. This is untrue! This is a very nice daily driver with a slightly choppy idle.  Very good mid-range torque cam. Great for TPI and Mini-Ram equipped 350-383 Engines. Fits SBC Engines equipped with Flat Tappet Cams. Note: Flat tappet cams need special additive pacages in the oil used with them, especially during break-in.  Oil such as Joe Gibbs/Driven or AmsOil "Hot Rod" Oil works excellent.
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