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Dart Pro1 200 Aluminum Heads




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Straight out of the box, these heads offer exceptional performance. Direct descendants of Dart's Pro Stock engine program, they incorporate sophisticated wet flow technology, and the potential with bigger valves and porting can make this head a good choice for further performance in a future rebuild. These SBC aluminum heads have a 64cc fast-burn combustion chamber, spark plugs located high and centered with 2.02" intake and 1.60" stainless valves. The 260cfm intake runner is 200cc in volume that is excellent for bigger cams and larger engines while still maintaining good port velocity for low rpm cylinder filling. The guide bosses are profiled and the casting walls are clean and consistent. The retainers and 1.437" dia. dual springs, providing 130lbs. on the seat and 335lbs. open, maintain valve control for roller cams up to .625" lift. The heads come complete with guide plates and 7/16" studs. Sold in pairs.

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