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Dart 200 Iron Eagle Heads (Straight Plug)




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Looking for a performance head for an old classic or a cheaper replacement for aluminum, these Iron Eagle Platinum heads from Dart are just what you're looking for. Computerized modeling and physical testing have been employed to produce the premier cast iron cylinder head on the market today. The 64cc combustion chamber has been redesigned for greater breathing characteristics and more controllable combustion. This straight plug version is the choice for older small blocks with stock iron exhaust manifolds. The 200cc port design rivals anything in the aluminum department, making this a very economic alternative. 2.02" and 1.6" stainless steel valves control the combustion cycles and 1.250" dia. springs with 110lbs. on the seat and 295lbs. open pressure, keep valve events in check for flat tappet cams up to .520" lift. 7/16" studs and guide plates round out the package. Sold in pairs.

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