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Dart Pro1 LS 205 Aluminum Heads




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Dart aluminum cylinder heads for GM LS series V8 small block engines provide higher performance and greater versatility than factory designs at an affordable cost. Dart's precision casting techniques and superior C355-T61 aerospace aluminum alloy produce as-cast ports that rival fully ported heads. The high flowing 205cc intake runner covers applications from trucks and street machines to racing applications. Standard multi-angle intake seats, radiused exhaust seats and CNC-machined valve bowls enhance airflow, while manganese bronze valve guides and interlocking valve seats ensure long-term reliability. Extra-thick walls provide material for porting, and additional metal above the ports accommodates valve-train upgrades. Comes with 2.02" and 1.56" stainless valves and springs for .650" lift cams. Sold in pairs.

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