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How-to Build Max-Perf. Chevy LT1/LT4 Book




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   GM's LT1/LT4 engines represented the highest level of small-block V-8 development for the period between the legendary small-block Chevrolet and the introduction of the LS-series V-8.  They powered all of the hottest production vehicles of the 1990s, including the Corvette, Camaro/Firebird, and the Caprice/Impala SS.  These enhanced small-blocks were reliable and strong, and can be built to impressive performance levels on a relatively small budget, with the right upgrades.
   This book guides you through the factory and aftermarket components of the LT1/LT4 engines, offering sound performance advice and recommendations.  Additionally, complete engine buildup recipes are provided, along with there respective horsepower and torque levels.  You can follow the advice of experts and achieve targeted results for your own project.
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