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Happy Hooker Lift Plate *** EST. Ship Date 11/11/21 ***




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Vendor: TPIS

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The ultimate engine removal tool.  We originally designed the Happy Hooker to remove the engine from our 94 World Challenge Camaro. The factory procedure is to remove the engine from the bottom which means removal of the entire front cross-member with suspension as well as the accessories and disconnecting the brake lines. With the Happy Hooker you can remove the engine from the top in half the time it takes by the book. The plate is drilled to lift all TPI, LT, and LS engines. Also fits our MiniRam, Holly and Q-Jet carburators.  Included with the Hooker are four 6mm and four 8mm bolts for all the factory fuel injected engines.  On TPI cars, the plenum and runners need to be removed to bolt the Hooker to the fuel rails and on the LS engines the intake needs removal to bolt the Hooker to the valley cover

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