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Corlen's 62 Pickup

Corlen Charnell
1962 Chevy Pickup

This beauty was built 15 years ago and swapped out complete frame and suspension this year with TPI 350/700R4. Dropped spindles with power disc brakes on torsion bar, front and rear sway bars really improved the ride. The 350cid TPI engine from an 86 IROC Z28 has TPiS large tube runners and a Bigmouth base as well as a 52mm throttle body and TPiS chip programming.

He used all of a 1986 IROC Z28 for the fuel tank, plumbing, and complete electrical harness including the dash cluster fitted to the 62 housing. He even modified the rear sway bar to fit the truck. The screen on the dash is for the back up camera aimed at the hitch ball to save the paint job on the bumper. The hitch receiver is hidden behind the license plate when not in use.

This is what gets his boat to his lake place and makes all his neighbors with their new Silverados jealous.

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