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Engine Gallery

396 TPI

Mike Gerbino's 396 not only looks great with the black powdercoat, but performs great also. It contains a 3.875" stroke Callies crank with CompStar rods, SRP pistons, and a TPiS custom hydraulic roller camshaft(233/240 @ .050"). Topped off with TPiS...
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427 LSX

A strong platform was needed for Ray Lichtenberg's 03 Suburban, so a GM LSX block was choosen. A Magnussen supercharger was to be added, but was still in the development stage at the finish of this engine build. This engine...
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427 Vintage

This was a fun project to build. Top quality parts throughout. Dart aluminum block, forged internals, GM aluminum heads, TPiS custom solid roller camshaft, Jesel rockers, and an ARE 4-stage dry sump system. This is a legal road race engine...
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383 LT1

John Schaffer's super impressive 383ci LT1 really cranks out. Complete with a TPiS MiniRam, 58mm throttle body, solid roller cam (242/242 @ .050" - .612 lift with 1.6 rockers, and AFR 210 cylinder heads. This engine pulls hard all the...
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Hemi DeSoto

We all love the look of an old Hemi and Mark Simpson's 276 DeSoto is no exception. A mix of old and new technologies make this a super reliable package. A slight cam upgrade and compression increase pushed the power...
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300 Rover

A little history on this engine. The 215 Buick was introduced in 1960 and ended production in 63. In 65 Rover bought the rights and began using this engine in the Land Rover and still use it to this day....
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427 Drag

This 427ci bracket drag race motor features internal components such as aluminum rods, 12.8 to 1 Diamond pistons, GM block with billet mains, Brodix heads, Jesel rockers, Victor Jr. intake, and Holley Dominator carb. 704hp @7300 rpm and 575ft/lb @5500...
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440 Chrysler

This engine is part of a restoration project on a 1967 Plymouth GTX. The engine features Edelbrock heads, SRP pistons, Scat "H" beam rods, hyd. roller cam, Comp Cam shaft mounted rockers and a Canton oil pan. The customer was...
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402 LT1

This is a 402 CI LT1 drag race engine going in an Impala SS. It features a GM block with billet mains, Callies crank, Manley Pro I rods, Diamond pistons, AFR 220 cnc heads, custom solid roller cam 258/266 @...
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427 BBC

We do a lot of engines for restorations and this is one example. This is a 390hp 427 bbc out of a 66 Corvette. This was a stock rebuild with nice detail and paint. The owner has since restored the...
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396 SBC

This is a popular combo for us. Starting out with a GM block, we install billet splayed mains caps, toss in a Callies 3.875 stroke crank, and hook up Manley rods and Diamond pistons.  Topping it off are TPIS AFR heads,...
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We take great pride in our road race engines. We are currently building engines for competitors in several classes, some of which are SCCA World Challenge, T1 & T2, along with Rolex Grand Am GT. This particular engine is for...
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