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Engine Dyno Service

We have found our TPIS-built engine dyno to be one of our most important pieces of equipment.  It is not enough to think you have assembled the right parts correctly, in our business you have to know!  Countless hours of testing have led us to the right engine combinations that provide both maximum power and durability. Every engine we build in-house is dynoed and tuned before it leaves the building. This ensures consistent output from engine to engine for us and our customers! 

For you do-it-yourselfers who enjoy assembling your own engines, we can help you bring your build to a sucessfull conclusion.  We have developed a system of protocols to seat your rings, adjust your timing for maximum power, break in valve springs and valvetrain components, relash valves, re-torque fasteners, and if you like we can do a post dyno check-up with cylinder leakdowns and compression tests.
We are one of the few dyno facilities that can dyno both carbureted and fuel injected engines, program most GM and aftermarket Managment systems.  We are familiar with GM, Ford, Motec, FAST, and Holley systems.  Even though an engine is carefully assembled, there is occasionally issues and can be addressed much easier on the dyno rather than in the car.
This service provides you with piece-of-mind. You know, before you drop your engine in your favorite ride, that everything is going to work as expected and is tuned to perfection. No suprises!  




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