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Customer Cars

Charles' 86 Corvette

Charles M1986 Corvette This is a 1986 Corvette built by Corvette Paramedics Inc. for their customer Charles Miller. They installed a 383ci small block Chevy and topped it off with a TPIS Mini-Ram, TPIS Long Tube headers, as well as...
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Mike's 87 Corvette

Mike P1987 Corvette Mike's 87 Vette is running a standard 350cid with the TPiS MiniRam intake manifold and TPiS 58mm throttle body, roller rockers, a Comp Cam, and Patriot heads with 11.5:1 compression ratio. With this combination it is producing...
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Tony's 70 Caprice

Tony A1970 Caprice Tony brought us his beautiful 70 Caprice for an EFI swap. We removed the engine and installed a ZZ-409 cam and our Mini-Ram and 58MM Throttle Body. We then dynoed the engine and saw some nice power...
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Jamie's 85 Corvette

Jamie Miller1985 Corvette Jamie's '85 Corvette is a great example of a well taken care of, fun to drive car. By looking at it, it's hard to believe this car is 25 years old! Jamie has installed one of our...
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Corlen's 62 Pickup

Corlen Charnell1962 Chevy Pickup This beauty was built 15 years ago and swapped out complete frame and suspension this year with TPI 350/700R4. Dropped spindles with power disc brakes on torsion bar, front and rear sway bars really improved the...
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Mark's 94 Corvette

Mark Fleming1994 Corvette Mark's 94 LT1 Vette has a TPiS built 383cid engine that produces 505hp and 450 ft/lbs at the flywheel. Compstar rods and crank are topped off with SRP pistons to complete the rotating assembly. Dart Pro1 200cc...
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Phil's 94 Camaro

Phil Ives1994 Camaro Phil's 396ci LT1 built by TPiS pumps out 550hp and 490 ft/lbs of torque with AFR heads and TPiS 264i solid roller camshaft. This combination runs routine 11.10 to 11.20 et's and Phil's goal is to turn...
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Mike's 90 Corvette

Mike Guyer1990 Corvette 6-Speed Mike's C4 Corvette lays waste to all comers. Z-06's, BMW M3's, and Porsche's are all surprised when this potent C4 leaves 'em in the dust! The powerplant is a TPiS built 383ci with a TPiS MiniRam,...
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Joe's 91 Corvette

Joe Polai1991 Corvette 6-Speed Joe's Corvette is powered by a TPIS built 440 C.I. Small Block Chevy using a TPIS ZZ-X Camshaft, TPIS Mini-Ram, AFR Cylinder Heads, and complete TPIS Exhaust System. This engine makes 573 HP and 537 Ft....
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Eric's 85 Camaro

Eric Anderson1985 Camaro Z28 Eric's car is a fun street car but is used quite often for Road Course open-track days. Eric has installed an LT1 with a T-56 6-Speed into his Camaro. It makes 373 RWHP with the help...
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Wes's 54 BelAir

Wes Rydell1954 BelAir6.0L Iron blockTPIS ZL-12 cam 225/230 @ .050",.575 lift, 116 lobe sepTPIS ported cylinder heads (6.0L)Diamond pistons11.0 to 1 compressionLS6 intake with oval throttlebody584ft/lbs @ 4500rpm544hp @ 5200rpm This customer was looking for a 427ci with great drivebility...
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Jim's 94 Camaro

Jim Hall1994 Camaro Z28 1LE Jim is a TPIS Technician and he picked up this 1994 1LE in stock form from an unsuspecting used car dealer. It is used primarily for road course duty, but is driven on the street...
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