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Phil's 94 Camaro

Phil Ives
1994 Camaro

Phil's 396ci LT1 built by TPiS pumps out 550hp and 490 ft/lbs of torque with AFR heads and TPiS 264i solid roller camshaft. This combination runs routine 11.10 to 11.20 et's and Phil's goal is to turn consistant 11.00 to run an index class this season. With a 75hp shot of nitrous the car ran a 10.60 et with a picture of the launch in the image above. The best run so far was a 10.36 at 132 mph using a 125hp shot of nitrous.

In the summer of 2010 TPiS installed an LT1 MiniRam and EFI Connection's 24x ignition. First run at the track produced a 10.80 @ 124mph.
Pic Here

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