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Jim's 94 Camaro

Jim Hall
1994 Camaro Z28 1LE

Jim is a TPIS Technician and he picked up this 1994 1LE in stock form from an unsuspecting used car dealer. It is used primarily for road course duty, but is driven on the street ocasionally. It has a TPIS built 402 C.I. LT1 engine making 565 HP and 530 Ft. Lbs., TPIS Long Tube Headers, TPIS Solid Roller camshaft, TPIS 58MM throttle body, 4" exhaust system, many TPIS chassis & suspension changes as well as a big brake kit. Lots of fun on the road courses and gets better than expected mileage considering it's power level. Be prepared for total annihilation when this monster hits the road courses!

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