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455 Olds

We don't see many 455 Oldsmobile engines, so this was a welcome change of pace. The customer was looking for a nice pump gas street/strip engine in the 525hp range for his 70 Cutlass. We know these engines have oiling issues when turning high rpm so we installed oil restrictors to the cam bearings and using oil restricted pushrods. This keeps the oil where it needs it most, the rod and crank bearings.

Parts used in this build were a stock crank ground and nitrided, Eagle H-beam rods, SRP forged pistons, Total Seal rings, Comp Cams hyd. roller cam 242/248 @ .050" and .580 lift on a 110 lobe sep. Ported Edelbrock aluminum heads, Torquer intake, Holley carb, an MSD distributor, and a Moroso oil pan finished it off. Dyno #'s were impressive with 571hp @ 5700rpm and 552ft/lbs @ 4800rpm.

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