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TPIS TPI - LT1/4 Corvette Headers, Coated 1992-96 ***SHIP DATE Mid-June 2021***





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Vendor: TPIS




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In the late 80's we looked at all the headers on the market and found that nobody made a header with the right size primary tubes.  The stock header is woefully inadequate, so we set out to make a header that truly performs.  Our headers fit beautifully and utilize all the factory bolts and brackets and are installed from the bottom with no cutting or welding required.  These headers make an average of 20hp and 20lbs/ft on a mild engine and also make changing spark plugs a snap.  All of our Corvette headers feature 1-3/4"" primary tubes and 3"" collectors.  Y-Pipe sold separately.  These headers have a baked-on metallic-ceramic coating that will keep them looking and performing great for years to come.  Fits 92-96 Corvette applications.","C4 LT-1 Header with Emission fittings

***SHIP DATE Mid-June 2021***

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