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420 LS3

This engine was built for off road racing where durability and low maintenance were key factors in the build. Compression was only 11.0:1 so race gas was not needed to keep operating costs down. This engine features Callies Compstar crankshaft and rods, Mahle forged pistons and rings, West Coast CNC ported heads and a TPiS ZL-17 hyd. roller camshaft, Cometic head gaskets and ARP fasteners, a stock GM intake with a TPiS billet 90mm throttle body were used as well. Power numbers were impressive with 610hp @ 6000rpm and 587ft/lbs. @ 5100rpm. This engine had 500ft/lbs. on tap at 3000rpm and had a wide powerband with 580hp available at 7000rpm. Mike P. had a great inaugural season with this engine in a newly built truck taking 2nd place overall in his class!!

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