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461 RHS Tall Deck LS7

This engine was built for a customer in Sweden who had been in contact with us for years wanting a high horsepower street friendly engine for his C4 Corvette. After RHS released their tall deck LS based race block, I contacted him and told him NOW it is possible!! This engine features an RHS tall deck aluminum block, Callies 4.250" stroke crank, Compstar rods, Diamond custom forged pistons, 11.5:1 Brodix LS7 porters castings ported by West Coast Cylinder Heads (395cfm @ .650" lift). T&D shaft mounted rocker arms were used with a custom TPiS solid roller street friendly cam. We also built him a trick sheet metal intake with a 102mm throttle body that will fit under the hood! The IAC was relocated to under the intake manifold to reduce the overall height of the throttle body. Horsepower was a stout 750hp @ 6800rpm and 620 ft/lbs. @ 5400rpm. Look out Sweden, this pump gas powerhouse will hit the streets this summer!!

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