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Billet IAC Housing (85-93 TPI/L98 & 92-93 LT1)




Collections: Intake, Intake, Throttle Bodies, Throttle Bodies

Product type: Intake

Vendor: TPIS

Tags: Intake, Throttle Bodies



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This billet IAC housing is CNC machined in-house and will work with TPIS, GM, and may work with other aftermarket throttle bodies. This housing fits 85-92 TPI and 92-93 LT1's, eliminates the hot engine coolant passage to keep your incoming air at a cooler temperature. This is the same housing that comes on our Billet 58mm Throttle bodies and works great on all stock as well as our 52mm throttle bodies. Each IAC housing comes with a new gasket and three stainless steel bolts.

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