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Mini Ram Manifold (LT1/LT4, 92-97)




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Product type: Intake

Vendor: TPIS

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The factory LT1 manifold is impressive and works well on a variety of engine combinations. Once you start pushing close to 500hp, there is a need for something better. The LT1 MiniRam's larger plenum, superior port entry design, and longer runner length can deliver gains everywhere in the RPM range on your modified LT1 engine. The LT1 MiniRam shares many of the same deminsions as our original. This means it also has a SBC style distributor hole in the rear, enabling you to use an aftermarket EFI system and eliminate the need for the GM Opti-Spark distributor. Accepts any TPI or LT1 style throttle body. Will need to use the TPiS fuel rail kit.

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