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Ken Kurtz In-Car Footage

In an e-mail from Ken.

It's been a long time in development, and we still have some more things planned as this is a development season for the car, but she is now track ready and taking names. Once the final work is done that car will be even better. Of course anyone who has been around racing knows that anytime you perform a series of heavy upgrades to a racecar, winning debut races is a rare treat. So to have started this race from last place, and take the overall Super Unlimited win in its debut race is huge. Especially given the competition, including formidable cars like a Stockcar, and a Radical, and a Lister.

Here is the link the In-car footage. The new Yokohama tires made a massive difference, and because of them, we were able to use the power of the new TPIS race engine. With aerodynamic modifications still to come, the future is very bright.

Enjoy the video (Full Race in HD)

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