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New SA Book On LT Engines

Each copy of this book is signed by author and TPiS owner Myron Cottrell.

In 1992, General Motors introduced the LT1 V-8 engine. This upgraded design, based on the traditional small-block V-8, marked a significant step forward for GM, as the engine was designed to be a modern, efficient, computer controled powerplant from the start. This was unlike any other V-8 GM had ever built, and the results were outstanding. The LT1, along with its more powerful stablemate, the LT4, raised the bar for performance-oriented small-blocks until the introduction of the LS1 in 1997. The LT1/LT4 engines are powerful, relatively lightweight, and affordable. They powered Chevrolet's legendary Inpala SS (and thousands of similar police cars), Corvettes, and Camaros and remain viable choices for enthusiasts today.

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