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TPiS Engine for sale

Professionally built TPiS Chevy 355ci engine for sale. This bullet-proof turn-key L-98 engine is hand built with all high quality parts, dynoed, and broke in properly using Joe Gibbs break-in oil. The legendary TPiS MiniRam II manifold with 24# injectors sits on top of this engine to provide 423hp @ 6100 rpm and 404lbs/ft @ 5100 rpm and offers an incredible flat torque curve with 386lbs/ft @ 2600 rpm.

   Starting with the late model one-piece rear main seal block, the bores are precision honed to accept Mahle forged pistons with anti-friction coated skirts attached to Scat 6" long "I" beam cap screw rods transfering the power to the crank. The GM Corvette factory heads are mildly ported and house stainless steel intake and exhaust valves fitted with Isky springs and topped off with Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum 1.5 ratio rocker arms. A double roller timing chain drives the TPiS single pattern ZZ-409 camshaft 225/225 duration and 525/525 lift number ground on a 112 degree lobe seperation angle. Holding in the oil is a 5qt Champ performance oil pan with windage tray and scraper. A brand new distributor delivers the spark to the cylinders. Throttle body and engine cradle sold seperately.

Sale price $7300.00 Dyno sheet avaliable for serious inquiries. Contact TPiS for more info.
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