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SEMA Show HP Shootout

At this years SEMA Show a competition will be held for bragging rights to the most powerful street legal car in America. The Dynomax Challenge will feature 10 cars from around the states that qualified to take part in this shootout at SEMA. Jesse Gese's C5 Corvette will compete in this competition for the $25,000 grand prize. Jesse is looking at making an incredible 1300rwhp with an extra 100 shot of nitrous for good measure. His 99 Vette has a custom TPIS sheet metal intake and 90mm throttlebody siting on top of TPIS prepared L92 cylinder heads and TPIS special grind camshaft. All this siting on a 408ci LS block with a ProCharger supercharger kicking in 30+ pounds of boost. Should make for some good entertainment.

SEMA Update

Unfortunately at 5400rpm with the nitrous on, the fuel pumps did not keep up with the demand for fuel. The engine ran lean, popped a head gasket, and blew the coolant hose off at 1240hp. Better luck next time Jesse.

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