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Snort 2011 LT1 for Sale

TPiS builds an engine every year for display at the Car Craft Summer Nationals. This years "Snort" is an LT1 with our LT MiniRam and EFI Connection's LS conversion on it. This 5.7L produces 450hp @ 6100rpm and 425ft/lbs @ 5000rpm using stock pistons and crank, Scat ICR rods, Comp rockers, and light port work on stock aluminum heads. Avaliable in three different configurations.

Complete with MiniRam and EFI Connection....$8200.00
Long Block w/ EFI Connection (no MiniRam)....$7100.00
Long Block Only (no intake of fuel injection)......$5500.00

Does not include waterpump, headers, battery, or stand.

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