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Engine Masters Entry 2011

TPiS is once again getting ready to compete in the Popular Hot Rodding Magazine's 2011 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge. The rules have split up the competition into two catagories this year. We will be competing in the Street Division catagory as this is a large part of our market. This is our 3rd year of competion and with last years 5th place finish, we are now ready to compete for the win! We have finished several days of dyno tuning on the preliminary configuration and will tear down and inspect before testing our final combination next week. This year we are entering a larger 417cid (last year was a 383cid) and using the Moates RoadRunner ECU for real time programming. The competition is approaching fast, starting Monday Oct. 3rd going through Friday Oct. 7th. We will be competing Thursday, the final day of qualifying and hope to make the finals on Friday! We are really confident this year that we have the points to take the win.

Details on the 2011 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challege can be found on Popular Hot Rodding's website here.

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