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Engine Masters Results 2011

Complete devastation! We were so confident going into this years competition. Although we ended up 4th, one place better than last year, we easily had second place in our grasp, but due to a major mistake, we could not tune the engine for the qualifying run. The power cord for our laptop was malfunctioning and was not charging the battery. We had also failed to bring a back up. Of course this issue was not discovered until minutes before our run, so we had no backup plan. We could only make changes to the air/fuel ratio by changing fuel pressure. The win may have been just out of reach, but the numbers we had in hand would have placed us securily in 2nd place, Congradulations to S.A.M. for taking the win and also taking 2nd in the Xtreme division too! We will try to be more professional next year!

Details on the 2011 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challege can be found on Popular Hot Rodding's website here.

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