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TPiS Runs at Bonneville Salt Flats

John Cottrell, brother of TPIS owner Myron Cottrell, who took a 99 Monte Carlo Busch car and made it street legal decided to see just how fast he could go with it. This car was built for competition on the Superspeedways of the NASACAR Busch series. In 1999 it had a Daytona qualifying speed of 187 MPH. There wasn't much changed to change it over for street use. O.E. Headlights and taillights were added along with turn signals and a speedometer. It uses NASCAR wheels and 'prototype' NASCAR rain tires.

  • 350 C.I. LS6 Engine Built by TPIS 575 HP @ 6800 RPM
  • TPIS Ported LS6 heads
  • TPIS Spyder Intake manifold & Fuel rails
  • TPIS 90MM Throttle Body
  • TPIS ZL-15 Camshaft
  • Custom headers
  • Dry-Sump oiling system
  • 3.70 Rear gear, Ford 9 with Detroit Locker
  • Tex Racing T-101A Transmission
  • AP Brakes
  • Ohlins dual adjustable shocks
  • Bork & Beck Clutch
  • Runs on 92-93 Octane Unleaded fuel
  • 17 MPG on the highway

After making some changes for salt flat racing, (such as running a deeper gear, salt tires and a parachute) John ran a best official speed of 198.155 mph with the muffler still on the car. John exceeded his expectations and is returning to Minnesota with one more item checked off of his "before I die" list.

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