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David Vizard's Oil Additive

David Vizard now makes ‘pour-in power’ a reality. Developed and tested to the hilt over a period of over 18 years by internationally renowned consultant performance engineer and tech writer David Vizard. The focus on this product has been so intent on its development and testing to ensure functionality that no-one actually thought what to call it for marketing purposes. Known during development as ‘Vizard's 3-part’ that may be it from here on out. In his almost 50 year career as a performance tech writer David Vizard has developed a cast iron strong reputation for telling it the way it really is in his books and articles. All done from personally conducted extensive dyno testing. Many of the engines on his dyno had to hold up against a 3 month long test regime that have involved several thousand dyno pulls. Engine life and repeatability were of paramount importance. He tried every break-in procedure known to man and was dissatisfied with resultsm, so he started to develop his own. It's a long story and you don't need to know the details. Suffice it to say when David did a seminar at TPiS recently he had boss Myron Cottrell test it in front of a shop packed with the most pessimistic group of people in the world - professional race winning engine builders. Worse yet, it was tested on what was a fully broken in engine. Guess what - just like all the stuff DV put's in his books, it worked just as he said it would. As you may have guessed ‘Vizard's 3-part’ is not some snake oil designed to fill some auto-parts store lube additive shelf. At $149.95 it is made ‘up’ to a function not ‘down’ to a price. So it is not cheap but there again the best never is. If cost is an issue or you have a fully broken in motor with time on it, you can order a ‘Solo #3’ bottle for $49.95 and replicate the results that were seen at TPIS. OK, that still sounds like a lot for a bottle of specialty lube, but just ask yourself when was the last time you could add 4 to 7 hp to a typical circle track engine and increase the life of the short block assembly by several orders of magnitude. All done in 30 seconds for under 50 bucks? Got a flat tappet cam? Vizard 3-Part will work near miracles here as it has far better anti-wear properties than the zinc based anti-scuff cam break-in additives that are in current use. Just lube you cam with whatever cam break-in lube you currently use and then let the Vizard 3-Part take over from there. Note:- After the first normal oil change you can maintain or even slightly improve the results by adding about 1/4 to a 1/3 of a bottle of ‘Solo #3’ to your engine at each subsequent oil change.

Order the 3-part break-in lube here.
or the single bottle post break-in lube here.

Below are the results of the test done in-house at TPiS, Inc. on Sept. 10th, 2011.

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